Wrapmaster 4500 Baking Parchment Refill

Wrapmaster 4500 Baking Parchment Refill


Product Code: WRA06
Case Size: 3 x 300m
Length: 45cm

Wrapmaster® baking parchment is ideal for all baking requirements. It has a silicone coating which eliminates the need to pre-grease the parchment, providing excellent non-stick quality whilst preventing the paper from burning. Suitable for use in conventional ovens and microwaves up to 220˚C.

Wrapmaster® baking parchment is also the perfect partner for contact grilling, keeping the contact grill clean and providing an allergen barrier. Produced using a natural process with raw materials from sustained forests, Wrapmaster® baking parchment is unbleached and does not contain any fluorinated chemicals.

Our Wrapmaster® baking parchment is available for use in the Wrapmaster® Duo, 4500, 3000 and Compact models and comes in 35m and 50m refill roll lengths, depending on the Wrapmaster® model used.

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